How to change the Miter Saw Blade

How to change the Miter Saw Blade

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Why Should You Change the Miter Saw Blade? 

Well for starters, if the blade on your saw is dull, it could damage the material you plan to work with. Also, sometimes the blade simply doesn’t fit miter saws application. If you want to cut metal, you need a special kind of blade designed for this specific purpose. 

There are also different kinds of blades for the same type of material, for instance, the 100-tooth blade for cutting wood pieces, and the 24-tooth blade for cutting studs.  

The best part about changing your miter saw blades is that you can DIY this task with a few hand tools like a wrench and screwdriver. There’s no need to pay a professional, when you can do something yourself, free of cost, by just spending 10-15 minutes of your time. 

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Before you begin, make sure to buy the right replacement change blade. If you don’t know what blade you have, look, as mentioned above, at the manufacturer’s manual for your saw. In case you don’t have a manual, look up your saw model online and find out the kind of blade that fits it. 

Also, make sure to get the blade that will fit your needs. This mainly depends on the type of project you’re undertaking, and the type of material. 

How to Change a Miter Saw Blade 

Let’s take a look at how to change the miter saw blade properly. Since there are many different brands of miter saws, check the manual (or look it up online) to see how to change the blade for your specific saw. 

But here’s a general guide for changing miter saw blades with these simple DIY steps: 

What you’ll need: Wrench or socket set and a Phillips-head screwdriver.

Step 1. Make sure that your miter saw is disconnected from any power source. First, you need to remove the spindle cover. Start by moving the blade guard to the top. Next, take out the front screw of the spindle cover and let it drop back to the back screw. 

Step 2. With the blade guard out of the way, hold the spindle pin lock and make sure the spindle pin is tightly locked. Use a wrench to tighten if you can’t completely lock it otherwise. Then use the wrench to remove the bolt holding the blade in a clockwise position. Next, remove the outer washer of the blade. You can do this with your hands. Let the inner washer remain, there’s no reason to remove the inner washer.

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Step 3. After that, you can safely replace the blade. Wipe down the oil from the outer and inner washers. Be sure to add the new blade with its teeth facing downward. When you attach it properly, place the outer washer back on. Use your fingers to make sure it’s steadily attached. Refasten the bolt using a wrench in a counterclockwise motion to tighten. 

Step 4. Be sure the blade is firmly attached. To avoid any risks, display caution throughout this process. Finally, use a screwdriver to reattach and tighten the blade guard to your miter saw and lower it. 

Lastly, before turning on the miter saw again, check if the spindle pin lock is disengaged with your wrench and again tighten the blade bolt cover to ensure it’s fixed correctly.

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